• The whitepaper offers a holistic perspective on Generative AI in MENA, delving into potential applications, technical and regulatory challenges, and the path forward.

  • The findings demonstrate a growing momentum towards the integration of Generative AI in the region, presenting exciting opportunities for innovation, organizational growth, and societal development.

Dubai, UAE - 2 November 2023

Data and digital consulting leader Artefact MENA has launched a whitepaper on Generative AI based on a comprehensive survey and interviews with executives across various industries in the MENA region. The study seeks to understand the status of Generative AI in regional organizations, key applications, challenges, and prospects.

According to the report, more than 80% of survey respondents in the MENA region are seeing changes within their organizations due to Generative AI, impacting strategy, businesses and people. Close to 50% of survey respondents have already started exploring the capabilities of Gen AI through the implementation of POCs or industrialized use cases. Testing the technology and gaining hands-on experience has been particularly pronounced in the region.

In addition, governments in the Middle East have been pushing for the adoption of Gen AI in organizations, particularly in the public sector. Investments are being made at various levels of the life-cycle, from applications to foundational models to infrastructure, including investments in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). In fact, multiple countries in the GCC have launched AI strategies and initiatives with a specific focus on generative AI.

According to the Artefact whitepaper, organizations mostly see the applications of Generative AI in customer service, sales & marketing, and operations. In order to implement these use cases, organizations must address technical considerations, mainly related to data protection and security, and data quality. Finally, it is critical to build the required capabilities and skills for Generative AI and launch change management programs. In fact, 33% of organizations say that their employees are ready to embrace the change while 58% might accept change but still require change management efforts.

“Today, in the Middle East, we are beyond the hype: the region is rapidly catching up and is ready to explore every opportunity. To unlock the potential of AI, organizations need to have a holistic view of their vision and roadmap for AI, and they need to put the right enablers in place, including technology, people, and governance. Gen AI can redefine business operations across diverse sectors, and Artefact has been a driving force in enabling organizations to explore and implement its use cases across different domains.”
Artefact MENA 首席执行官兼执行合伙人 Rahul Arya
“Generative AI technology is evolving rapidly and is witnessing a very fast adoption rate in the region. Such technology has the potential to disrupt the ways of working across industries and most organizations have started exploring such opportunities to further identify the impact of Generative AI. Like any new technology, Generative AI comes with some challenges which are being progressively addressed as the technology and applications evolve.”
Christelle Salame, Partner at Artefact MENA

The Artefact whitepaper can be downloaded here.


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