Global data transformation consultancy Artefact has promoted four of its directors to partners; they are located in France, Dubai and Brazil.

Artefact has strengthened its global senior leadership team by promoting four high-achieving leaders in France, MENA and Brazil to Partner level. They will be responsible for growing Artefact’s business in their local markets.

As with all promotions at Artefact, the Partner Committee followed a fair and transparent process to determine who advanced to partner level. This included looking at achievements over the last year, and all candidates presented a business growth proposal to the board of directors.

All selected partners successfully demonstrated ability in the following areas: the ability to interact with senior clients; perfect delivery of projects; commercial instinct to generate qualified business cases; team development to help our teams grow.

Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis joined Artefact’s Paris office as consulting director in 2021. Prior to that she led the digital transformation and international strategic planning at Artefact client Carrefour. Ashkinazi-Ildis has broad international experience; having graduated from the University of Toronto and then ESSEC in France, she has worked in Canada, France, Russia and Ukraine, spending the majority of her career at L.E.K. Consulting and Carrefour. She currently specialises in the retail sector, with major clients in this area.

Alexis Poujade has been a Paris-based senior consulting director at Artefact since January 2022. After graduating from two high-profile universities (Science Po and ESSEC), he started his career as a consultant at Roland Berger. His next role was at Pernod Ricard (another Artefact client) where he was in charge of its strategic planning, international marketing and digital brand engagement for almost ten years. At Artefact, he focuses on brands within the CPG market.

Omar Hallak也从2022年初开始在Artefact ,当时他作为数据咨询总监加入了迪拜办事处。从贝鲁特美国大学和欧洲工商管理学院毕业后,他在博思公司开始了他的职业生涯,担任分析员,然后成为BCG的项目负责人,在那里他扩展了他的管理咨询专业知识。Hallak与来自有影响力的组织的领导人合作,促进重要经济部门的数据驱动决策,这对Artefact ,因为它在中东和北非地区的持续增长非常有利。他的主要工作是在公共部门和政府。

Rafael Melo于2018年加入Artefact"圣保罗办事处,担任高级数据顾问。从巴西FGV和美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学毕业后,他在Rodobens开始了他的职业生涯,在那里他扩大了商业战略,并开发了其战略规划和创新项目。他现在专注于品牌,并帮助建立Artefact's在拉美地区的存在;项目包括在他的主要客户喜力公司建立一个 数据工厂模型,实现创收中心。

On the promotions, Vincent Luciani, co-founder and CEO of Artefact, says:

“The current team of Partners across the Group has been impressed by everything Elina, Omar, Rafael, and Alexis have achieved in their time at Artefact. As Partners in our business, I know they’ll be inspiring figures for all our colleagues and clients.”


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