A(I) day at Friends of Search 2024

The 11th edition of Friends of Search (FOS) proved to be a stimulating forum for exploring the burgeoning role of AI within the field of Search Marketing. This article offers our analysis of the key takeaways and insights gathered from the event.

2024-03-25T10:00:42+00:0022 March 2024|

Amazon Ads – Golden rules to prepare Q4

The end-of-year period is ever more strategic and competitive for brands selling their products on Amazon. Both Black Friday and the holiday season are catalysts for sales, increasing buying opportunities for end consumers, but also galvanising competition between brands: on price, product quality and visibility through advertising both on and off Amazon. It’s essential today to take advantage of all the tools and solutions offered by Amazon. This article highlights our 10 golden rules for harnessing the full power of the American company's advertising ecosystem.

2022-07-26T10:35:57+01:0026 November 2021|
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