We help brands develop and grow their eCommerce and eRetail strategies.

Our services include a complete eBusiness offer.

E-business audit, tools and organisation

E-business strategy:
Auditing brands’ current distribution strategies, competitors and categories.

Identifying e-business opportunities (e.g. DtoC, e-retail, Marketplace) and recommending strategic go-to markets.

Global organisation and profitability.

E-business maturity Audit:
Brand audits on e-retail and e-commerce: organisation, process, partners, tools, data and profitability.

Benchmarking and recommendations of change management.

E-retail measurement and benchmark

E-retail Monitoring:
Bespoke e-commerce dashboard creation and maintenance (e.g. content, visibility, sales).

Artefact Retail Suite – Amazon:
Sales, market share, shelf space, content quality, stock, reviews, EU view, media investment, ROAS, click, format/targeting strategies, etc.

Artefact Amazon Scheduler:
Sponsored Ads hourly bidding management.

Business intelligence:
Sentiment analysis, sell-out/sell-in forecasting, pricing benchmark and sensitivity.

E-retail operations (media, content)

Best-in-class product pages and stores:

We design the most efficient assets (brand pages, stores)to help brands showcase their products across e-retailers.

Product feed management:

We map product data, create advanced and automated product feeds and push them to the adapted e-retail platform/marketing channel.

Retail media activation:

We activate retail search and display advertising solutions (Amazon, Criteo, C-Discount, etc.) leveraging our data-driven budget setting methods and optimisation methodology to help brands get the most from their investments.

Marketplace launch:

Business plan building, account creation and management, Tools setup, logistical setup, reporting.

E-retail category turnaround

E-retail category opportunity
Sizing e-retail opportunities within specific categories.
Identifying relevant e-retailers/marketplaces to launch and build cases and deployment roadmaps.

E-retail category audit
Auditing brand accounts to optimise opportunities and build step-by-step action plans to increase market share within weeks on main actionable pillars (assortment, supply, media, commercial trade terms, etc).

E-retail academy

Workshops and training:

We create bespoke training programmes (eLearning, workshop, case studies, etc) to upskill both operational and C-level teams to e-retail challenges and best practices.

E-retail internalisation:

We support teams to manage operational e-retail activity – from negotiation or assortment definition to marketing channel activation and measurement.