It was a blast! First we won the first place in the category “Innovation” at the e-Commerce Berlin Award with our GenAI Persona Generator, a product to generate Personas based on companies real customer data.
The next day we opened the Premium D Stage together with Christian Leihner from Unilever, talking about Cookiecalypse, Retail Media and why this is one efficient way to scale your Company in 2024.

How every company can use data & AI to do the work of days and weeks within just one hour – GenAI Persona Generator

We are very proud to have been awarded first place in the “Innovation” category at the e-Commerce Berlin Awards for this solution. This shows once again how important Artefact’s role as a pioneer in the field of AI and data is and what impact such a solution can have on an entire company.

  • Where otherwise target groups were defined on the basis of experience in workshops lasting several days with several people, including preparation and follow-up, it is now possible with the help of AI to generate precisely fitting personas (for existing and new customers) based on real customer data & individual dimensions – within 20 seconds!!!!

  • You can chat with each persona to intuitively understand how you can best reach them with which products and at which prices.

  • This information can then be used directly to create tailor-made SEO-optimized marketing campaigns at the touch of a button – with text and images, for landing pages, Google Ads, meta-descriptions…

With the “GenAI Persona Generator” we received first place in the “innovation” category at the e-Commerce Germany Award, which does the work of several days/weeks in less than an hour.

GenAI Persona Generator - watsonX Artefact

Client case IBMRead more about the GenAI Persona Generator and how it works here


First Party Data, Retail Media, Data Partnerships – more important than ever

With 2024 being the year google wants to pull the plug on third party data cookies every company has to rethink their marketing strategy and find new more efficient ways to reach new and existing customers. This is why companies now start to invest more and more in Retail Media Strategy. In Germany alone it is expected to be around 4 Billion € of Media Budget that will be invested in Retail Media. Meaning, Data Partnerships, First Party data collection and Consent become more and more important.

As Artefact recognized the added value of data partnerships early on, we have been committed to supporting and initiating data exchange partnerships between companies for several years. We not only have the necessary strategic experience, a broad network of retailers, brands and experts, but also a deep understanding of data, consent and technology.  

We are currently experiencing a massive demand for experience in the field of retail media and data partnerships. That is why we have formed a retail media focus group, which has set itself the task of shaping the landscape for Germany and working together with brands, retailers and start working closely with the BVDW to define Retail Media Landscapes in the german market. The Federal Association of the Digital Economy e. V. (BVDW) is the advocacy group for companies of all sizes that operate digital business models or whose value creation is based on the use of digital technologies.)

Comment Artefact accompagne UNILEVER sur des cas d’usage Retail Media pour augmenter ses ventes ?Read more about Artefacts way to support companies with Data Partnerships and Retail Media here:


Overall the Expo was a big success. We met so many interesting people, from different countries with different needs, challenges and backgrounds – one topic they all had in common  – they all wanted to hear more about Artefact and how to create value with data and AI.

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