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Data Governance helps you extract the most value from your data.

Data governance in today’s firms is a crucial and complex topic

From data management strategy to making sure organisations are GDPR compliant, our team helps and advises executives on how to optimise their data governance organisation to improve their performance.


We believe in creating unique solutions for each of our clients, and we integrate their teams to design a tailor-made and efficient organisation in order to: 

Beat the blank page syndrome

• How to get started and how to prioritize ? 

• How to avoid drowning in the complexity and in the amount of tasks to be realized ?

Make sure efforts will pay off

• How to measure data governance benefits (revenue, cost, NPS etc.) ?

• How to ensure focus remains on value added tasks ?

• How to manage data governance programs “entry costs” (human & financial) ?

Ensure long-term change, fight against one-offs

• How to scale data governance programs across the enterprise ?

• How to create a sustainable organizational model enabling long-term change ?

• How to ensure long term adoption ?

We design and deliver concrete actions through an exhaustive framework


Relying on our tech know-how and extensive field knowledge, we support our clients in the whole data governance process by providing insights and putting our experience at their disposal.

Our agnostic approach makes us the perfect ally to guide them in the selection of innovative and adapted tools and partners such as Collibra.


We are flexible and adapt our intervention to fit our client’s needs: we will accompany you in the development and implementation of data governance from A to Z or we’ll intervene on a specific stream.

Our motto is your success, and that is why we take great care in making sure your teams are trained and involved in every project we set in place. We design tailor-made training and approaches to ensure the acceptation of the project by your organisation.


Our Data Governance approach is the critical path to generating business value



Client Testimonial – Data Governance Solution deployment

Artefact supports many of its clients in the deployment of their data governance program.

For Orange, we successfully designed and deployed a POC with Collibra on 3 use cases with the objective to demonstrate the value of the tool in 4 months.