Artefact has extensive experience of working with Google Analytics 4 with clients from a wide range of sectors. Our analysts all have considerable hands-on experience of implementation, reporting and dashboarding using Google Analytics 4.

This one-day course focuses on the latest version of Google Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is the future of Google Analytics. It offers a new approach to analytics that focuses on cross-device measurement as well as insights from machine learning and first-party data

In this course you will learn the basics of GA4, and more precisely how to use interface, key reports and the main differences from the previous version of Google Analytics.

While this course covers the reporting aspects of GA4, we also offer a GA4 Implementation and Configuration course, which goes into more detail about the GA4 setup and configuration process.


  • Learn analytics fundamentals of GA4
  • Learn how to use GA4 reporting interface
  • Learn how to manage audiences with GA4

Walk away with the ability to

  • Create insights about your users, marketing, and user experience on both your website and your app
  • Build custom reports in the Analysis Hub
  • How to use audiences, user properties, parameters and other GA4 specific elements

Training materials

  • Summary of the key points of the training
  • All the projects presented during the session


Participants will be assessed through practical exercises throughout the session. A training certificate will be issued.


No particular skills required.


Anyone who wants to get familiar with what the latest version of GA has to offer or for those who are starting to use GA4 for the first time.

Material required

Recent laptop (<5 years) with administration rights

Book this course

On demand

Lead Instructor

Gwennaël Grandmougin

Gwennaël Grandmougin

By working in the web industry and supporting businesses in their digital strategy, for years, Gwennaël has built a strong expertise in building data driven approaches In particular, Gwennaël has experience collecting data and building insights to understand customer journeys to identify pain points in order to better drive marketing budgets allocation and prioritise the digital ecosystem’s evolutions.

Course agenda

Analytics with GA4

1 hour

  • Google analytics introduction
  • How web and app tracking works
  • Setup views and filters
  • Scoping on GA4

GA4 reporting interface

1 hour

  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Creating comparisons
  • Real-time reporting
  • Life cycle reports
  • Sharing reports
  • Dashboards setup

Managing audience in GA4

1 hour

  • Audience interface overview
  • Audience integration
  • Predictive audiences

Tracking event with GA4

1 hour

  • Tracking events
  • Conversion events

Explore workspace

1 hour

  • Overview of techniques
  • Building exploration and funnels
  • Exploring & sharing reports