Generative AI is empowering people and businesses.

Generative AI Survey: The Technology, the Rewards & the Risks

Interviews with industry & thought leaders, early adopters in Generative AI technology:

  • Generative AI: looking back on a six-month marathon

  • Generative AI: applications and benefits for business

  • Implementing generative AI: technical challenges

  • Implementing generative AI: impacts on jobs and people

  • Implementing generative AI: ethical stakes and ESG

Generative AI is a major change of paradigm.

Tool interfaces through prompt usage become much more intuitive, visual & effortless for end-users.

It puts powerful technologies in the hands of everyone.

Generative AI technologies create new and original content, such as images, text, or even entire scenarios, based on patterns and examples they have learned.


Interviews conducted with 50+ of Artefact clients.

Generative AI will have a massive impact on people’s daily tasks, significantly improving business productivity.

Although GenAI technologies are not yet mature for production, all companies are starting to look at Generative AI to boost their transformation and gain in competitiveness.

A new wave of Generative AI players has also emerged, expanding the GenAI offerings available on the market.

The integration of generative AI capabilities in systems and processes will boost enterprises productivity.

This world-changing technology will empower people and streamline processes for everyone.

There are four main categories of use cases that are currently being tested and deployed at our clients.


Exploration & Insights

Talk to your data, get sophisticated business insights & reduce time-to-value through advanced flow automation:

  • Trend detection
  • BI 2.0 advanced workflow
  • Large queries of data (text, images…)

360 Interactions

Transform online relations and improve customer satisfaction through more natural & conversational interactions:

  • Customer relations
  • Chatbot / FAQ
  • Boosted product recommendations

Assisted Content Generation

Augment collaborator capabilities and accelerate processes with multi-modal & personalized content generation:

  • Product packaging
  • Assisted creation
  • Automated marketing (SEO / ads..)

Optimization & Productivity

Incorporate state of the art generative capabilities natively into your own platforms & practices for optimization purposes:

  • Developer productivity
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Data quality acceleration
  • Fake data generation

Insights discovery

Talk to your data, get sophisticated business insights.

Content amplification

AI-driven content creation amplifies message reach.

Augmented conversion engine

Boosts sales and optimizes conversions with precision messaging.

Lifetime value management

Drives revenue through lasting client loyalty using optimized search.

Generative AI is a major change of paradigm

Our generative AI readiness program to roll out a new AI age for your enterprise.


AI readiness plan

  • Technical Strategy (provider, model, tech)
  • Impact study (risks, regulations, ethics)
  • Target operating model
  • Use case roadmap with prerequisites and BP
  • Training and acculturation plan


  • Infrastructure & Security setup)
  • Integration of 1P assets
  • Close Monitoring of mistakes, hallucinations & complain
  • Progressive “freedom” of the AI on low risk use cases

Start AI age

  • Internalization (considering deploying its own model)
  • Roll out more customer-facing use cases

Generative AI challenges to always take up for secure, ethical and sustainable business solutions.

  • GPDR
  • Compliancy
  • Intellectual property
  • Training data
  • Hallucinations
  • Ethics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability