Ad sequencing: how to generate storytelling on YouTube

28 October 2021 Nowadays, advertising saturation on all channels causes the message we want to transmit to be too repetitive and does not inspire interest for the user. In this sense, the option of generating coherent Storytelling for the user can be a complicated task. If we have a brief where video actions and storytelling are proposed, I think that the YouTube Ad sequence could be an option to value. Using this type of strategy, we have seen increases in frequency up to 2.4x and Brand Awareness up to 4x through YouTube Brand lift measurements.

2022-05-15T10:05:06+01:0028 October 2021|

Why paid search practitioners must embrace automation

21 April 2021 Innovations such as Auto Applied Recommendations and even the changes in match types are taking control away from the PPC practitioner and into the black box. But rather than fear the worst, we should embrace automation, says Tristan Sanders, Head of Performance at Artefact UK.

2022-05-15T10:05:23+01:0025 April 2021|

How far are we from delivering truly personalised advertising at scale?

26 February 2021 While audiences are becoming increasingly receptive to personalised advertising, many are still sceptical of its execution and implementation. So, how far are we from delivering truly personalised advertising at scale? Tristan Sanders, Head of Performance Marketing at Artefact, considers how advertisers can move forward.

2022-05-15T10:05:42+01:0012 March 2021|

How to win on Google in the age of zero clicks

22 June 2020 These days, half of Google searches don’t result in website clicks. Naguib Toihiri, Head of SEO & Growth at Artefact MENA, explains how brands can turn these new challenges into opportunities.

2022-05-15T10:06:27+01:0022 June 2020|
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