Helping retail companies in their transformation challenges, Carrefour Media and Artefact are teaming up to provide advertisers with the best measuring, activation and analysis tools and services.

Nicolas Trolé, Chief Revenue Officer (Carrefour Media) and Thomas Faure, Senior Consultant Manager – E-Retail Lead (Artefact) share their vision of using Retail Media for successful brand strategies.

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Retail ecosystem is currently going through a revolution

The old rules of retail have been deeply impacted by two new factors: digital assets (digital media) and shopper data, that helps leverage knowledge of customer behavior and granular activation of digital assets.

Retail media mixes digital assets and shopper data. For many years, retail media has been helping brands and manufacturers become more efficient in four different ways:

  • customer insights: a deeper understanding of your customers thanks to data from identified members of customer loyalty programs

  • precise targeting: moving from mass marketing towards 1:1 marketing

  • activation: omnichannel activations that can be synced through several touchpoints enhanced by shopper data

  • measuring: measure of the return on ad spend and impact on sales

“Retail media is an ecosystem that needs a certain number of mandatories on the retailer’s and manufacturer’s sides“

Thomas Faure, Senior Consulting Manager – E-Retail Lead (Artefact)

Carrefour’s vision on their Retail Media system

Carrefour provides manufacturers with cutting-edge solutions to conduct retail media campaigns and to develop their sales and display presence both in store and on their ecommerce website.

According to Nicolas Trolé, Carrefour Media has the unique opportunity to be able to leverage assets from the whole entire division, such as 5000 physical stores, a digital platform that reaches 10 millions customers  every month, and the key element in their omnichannel offering, their unique data.

“When we talk about data at Carrefour, we are talking about data from our customer loyalty program, which represents 14 million cardholders, 7 million customers registered online and offline, and 5 million digital-only customers“

Nicolas Trolé, Chief Revenue Officer (Carrefour Media)

In 2021, Carrefour took the decision to develop a new full stack platform on, with Criteo as partner, to offer advertisers new activation solutions and better measuring and targeting.

Artefact as a trusted partner to maximise the value of Carrefour’s data

Thomas Faure reviews the four pillars of the partnership between Carrefour Media and Artefact:

  • Business consultancy: Manufacturers want to understand where growth comes from. “Carrefour’s data helps brands identify business opportunities for them to accelerate”

  • Profiling and customer analysis: “Who is my customer ?” One of the main challenges for manufacturers is to define who their customer is. Carrefour’s data helps brands represent the personas of their brand buyers

  • Strategy, operation and activation: helping brands create media activation strategies (budget, KPIs)

  • Advanced data use cases: projects that take into account the whole retail value proposition