Challenge for Club Med and Artefact

Club Med is established worldwide, but suffers from relatively low brand awareness in Hong Kong. Their “all-inclusive” USP was a new concept of hospitality to local people. Club Med HK also had low sales revenue, lack of quality and new prospects and no full-scale tracking and real time data monitoring.


We converted Club Med HK’s “silo media buying centric” to an “integrated consumer-centric” approach. First, we identified their target audience at each Dimension (or stage) of their travel booking journey. Then we set a specific objective, media strategy and KPI for each dimension, which we herein refer to as 1D, 2D and 3D. On the execution level, a major revamp of their campaign structures was conducted, and proper tracking and attribution model mechanisms were put in place using DoubleClick Search (DS) and Google Analytics Plus (GAP). This allowed us to have a Full Funnel View of the campaign’s performance across all channels and measure KPIs accurately.


Within 6 months,new website visitors increased by 24.15%; sales revenue increased by 287%; sales volume increased by 196%; 850% was gained in ROI, which is an increase of 181%.

*All data compared with the same period the previous year.