Our Precision Marketing methodology uses data to drive media and marketing transformation

We develop media strategies across all channels and implement an innovative approach throughout the consumer journey, using data analytics to rationalise and optimise each step.

Our squads of Marketing Strategists, Digital Marketing Experts, Creative Experts, Data Scientists and Business consultants work together to disrupt the traditional siloed advertising approach.

They challenge strategies and activation plans within organisations where SEO, SEA, Display, Programmatic, Affiliate Marketing and CRM entities are not coordinated, and defend media investments without a global analysis of the ROI.

From CPG to Retail, and from Luxury to Travel, we help our clients experiment, adopt, and industrialise this innovative approach throughout the consumer journey, using data analytics to rationalise and optimise each step.

Content optimisation

Precision Marketing Strategy

After working on more than 1000 Precision Marketing campaigns, we have codified and framed the best strategies for our clients’ businesses.

From trigger-based strategies (designed to react to a specific external event) to tribe-based strategies (designed to build convergent audiences with similar reasons to buy) we can provide the right strategy mix for your company, too.

Our turn-key solutions include the deployment of several pilots, measured on a range of indicators.

Precision Marketing Scalability

We have built a comprehensive blueprint of the standard processes, methodologies and tools.

This toolbox, which combines learnings from more than 100 clients across 60 countries, will give you and your team everything you need to start adopting this new marketing process.

From the simplification of strategy definition and media planning, to the automation of campaign trafficking and daily optimisations, we will help you save time and resources and increase the return on your advertising investments.

MENA data experts: 3 mindset shifts to help your brand build a stronger personalisation foundation

Precision Marketing Media x Activation

  • From strategy definition and creation to execution, we have in-house experts across every channel, including :
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Display / Programmatic
  • SEA (Search engine Advertising)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CRM

Client Testimonial Unilever

Marten Strikwerda, Digital Hub & E-Commerce Director at Unilever France and Florian Thiebaut, Managing Partner – Global Industry lead for Brands at Artefact, explain how Artefact’s Precision Marketing methodology has increased Unilever’s media performance using data science.