Fábio Criniti--喜力巴西公司的数据和分析总监有一个雄心勃勃的挑战:通过使用数据和高级分析增加商业价值。因此,Artefact ,加入了我们的行列,以加速,并使之成为现实。

Fábio Criniti – Data & Analytics Director at Heineken Brazil

喜力巴西公司有一个雄心勃勃的挑战:通过使用数据和先进的分析方法增加商业价值。因此。 Artefact加入我们的行列,加速,并使之成为现实。

Rafael Melo – Data Director at Artefact


The teams are a mix of people from Artefact and HEINEKEN, to help in the Data Driven acculturation which was one of HEINEKEN objectives.

Artefact delivers data products from start to finish, from the business problem prioritization phase and its solution, through data mapping, collection, and exploration, creation of machine learning model and a final product to activate this model.

Finally, we test the solution and industrialize this product for larger scopes. For this, we always rely on agile principles: We start with a reduced scope, to quickly show business value to stakeholders, and developing the solution incrementally.

In this partnership with HEINEKEN we created data products in practically the entire value chain: Such as finance, HR; production; distribution & logistics; marketing and trade, as well as sales and e-commerce.

Daniel Guimarães – Logistics & Planning Manager at Heineken Brazil

We had a challenge in the area of ​​planning and logistics related to allocating products in distribution centers and making short-term decisions. The challenge was both extracting the information and creating the intelligence to generate the insight needed daily.

In this way, we developed a stockout prediction model, which consists of the complete automation of data, modeling and creation of a dashboard which generates the necessary insights for our decision making.

We started for a few products and a few distribution centers, but quickly saw the value of the solution and scaled to the rest. Today, this model is one of the main decision-making tools in the area.

Camila Moreno – Data Scientist at Artefact

HEINEKEN invests heavily in the automation of its factories, and one of the projects with Artefact was to use sensor data, like temperature, pressure and volume, to create a machine learning model that makes adjustments to production, even during the process, ensuring quality metrics, such as, the color of beer.

The interesting thing about this type of project is that the automation and financial gains can be easily scaled to other breweries.

Fábio Criniti – Data & Analytics Director at Heineken Brazil

The biggest benefit of this partnership with Artefact is the speed at which we are able to deliver value to the business, and build a revenue generation center for HEINEKEN.

Hybrid teams are able to very well connect the problem with a data solution. For us this is very important, as we were able to prove value and consequently invest more in innovative projects like these.