WATCH Watch Fanjean SHI and Alex François of PVCP, Imane Ayati and Fabien Cros of Artefact, and Constance Coutard of Google-GMP discuss how Google’s CRMint could help PVCP in boosting audience scoring, purchase prediction, and ROI.

Challenge: Maximising first party data as a marketing strategy to better target customers

When many travellers were obliged to cancel their reservations due to the health crisis, Pierre et Vacances Center Parcs immediately established a system of travel vouchers, not only to compensate their clients, but to incite them to use them as soon as possible.

But in order to activate these vouchers, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs had to improve knowledge of their customer base in order to propose more personalised, relevant offers to each customer.

And personalisation is essential today, as these statistics show:

  • 79% of consumers say they’re only likely to engage with an offer if it’s been personalised to reflect previous interactions they’ve had with the brand

  • Lack of content relevancy generates 83% lower response rates in the average marketing campaign

  • 79% of organisations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalisation strategy

As PVCP was in the process of transitioning from traditional “manual” marketing to data-based precision marketing, they had clear objectives in terms of what their media performance had to achieve:

  • Target specific audiences according to their business priorities

  • Predict customers’ propensity to buy

  • Identify purchase interest according to buyer personas.

They also wanted to monitor major KPIs, such as A&P savings, incremental revenues, improved ROAS and team productivity. They needed a new, more efficient system, where more granular customer data was easily available and exploitable.

Solution: Implementing Google CRMint with Artefact’s expertise and added value

To meet all of PVCP’s objectives, one solution stood out:

“CRMint is a Google Cloud based tool that was created to facilitate the integration and processing of marketing data to create audiences, so it is a tool that is perfectly adapted to the technical needs of our use case,”

explains Imane Ayati, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact.

“It’s an easy to deploy tool that integrates very well with the whole Google stack with multiple APIs, including Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud ML”

Artefact has experience with Google CRMint and has shown how it consolidates data into one place for more effective analysis, ad targeting and reduced media spend. This drives insights from consumer data and identifies those customers most interested in making a purchase with 91% accuracy using Google Cloud AI.

While data can still be imported manually from sources such as CRM or GA, CRMint automates the entire process, while offering flexible scheduling options. And if business data isn’t in the required format or location CRMint handles transformation and pre-processing.

Finally, CRMint can address different audiences at each step of the sales funnel, with the ability to unlock two crucial enablers for PVCP: audience scoring and next purchase prediction.

CRMint removes the complexity of integrating with these varied APIs, allowing you to concentrate on the actions taken on the data itself.

Results: Fast implementation of new data analytics capabilities leading to an increase of media investments’ ROI

From conception to realisation, Artefact leveraged their extensive expertise and deep understanding of consumers, but consumer analytics in order to extract the most pertinent information with the correlated media investments.

First, they created Tableau dashboards, in order to deliver precise campaign performance measurements. Technical monitoring was then enabled by employing native CRMint features and interfaces.

In the future, for more complex use cases, solutions for precise and customised monitoring pipelines using GCP have also been identified.

”Artefact enabled us to implement Google CRMint very quickly and deliver all project phases – from audit to production launch, including monitoring. They allowed us to increase productivity, stabilize our solution and increase our ROI.”

For Alexis Francois, Analytics Manager at Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs,

“In under four weeks we were able to create this specific use case and today it’s live and will be applied in more than five markets. A key success factor was really our Feature Team organisation: We had Google that gave us access to technological innovations; Artefact was very hands-on and deployed the project end to end; and of course, PVCP was there to seek expertise and value, and apply use cases to their business”,

adds Fabien Cros, Data Consulting Director at Artefact.

By moving from a rules-based audience selection to an AI- based model, a major step in measuring media performance was taken by PVCP, thanks to Google CRMint.

“By using simple solutions like CRMint, we are able to do things faster, more efficiently and more accurately”

concludes Fanjean SHI, Director of Analytics, Data and Acquisition of the PVCP Group.