4 ways to simplify PPC account structure for greater returns

29 October 2021 Paid search has evolved over the last few years thanks to powerful new tools enabled by machine learning. But marketers are often reluctant to give up complex legacy account structures despite these relying on yesterday’s best practices.

2022-05-15T10:10:20+01:0028 October 2021|

Powering your call centre with artificial intelligence

3 June 2021 Learn how to improve customer satisfaction and create added-value using Google Contact Center AI. Read about the key outcomes of the webinar on March 30th presented by Matthieu Myszak - Data Consulting Director, Artefact and Julien Tribout - Sales Lead Google Contact Center AI.

2022-05-15T11:09:01+01:003 June 2021|

Data Analysts: Feeding creatives with contextual Data

23 February 2021 Where data was once used only to measure performance, revenue goals and conversion rates, today, companies with solid historical data can also use it as input for content creation. Daniel de Vos, Manager Data & Analytics at Artefact Netherlands explains how.

2022-05-15T11:09:46+01:0012 March 2021|
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