What should be the optimal allocation of editorial and linkbuilding resources in order to be competitive in an intensely competitive industry? Artefact has carried out an advanced benchmark for one of the leaders in the French insurance market.

In SEO, not all industries follow the same rules to achieve performance. Retail brands can outrank competition by a better coverage of their products ; travel companies can offer unique experiences on their destinations. But how can a brand perform in an industry with strongly standardized services and intense organic competition such as the insurance market? Content and link acquisition are the main organic growth factors, but deciding on the adequate efforts requires an understanding of the playing field.

Determining the best-performing competitors

Our benchmark covered:

  • home insurance

  • car insurance

  • loan insurance

  • life insurance

In each theme, research was carried out to identify the most sought-after queries on the market, in order to identify the most visible players in terms of SEO, and therefore the best performers. About twenty companies were selected to provide a broad and comprehensive research base.

Assessing their strategies

The SEO performance of brands on their markets depends on their pace in both content creation and link building. Artefact quantified the new articles and links for each brand website and for each theme over the year 2022. Several methods were used to do this:

  • review of each competitor website – complete scraping, identification of recent articles in each theme

  • identification of new links created via netlinking tool databases

  • measurement of the total number of referring domains to each site, to assess domain authority

  • correlation of each competitor’s data with the performance of the strongest query in each theme

All these factors have been summarized in a matrix to identify the most decisive factors for SEO performance in each theme.

Artefact - Benchmark Insurance - EN

Advising our client in its resource allocation

Identifying the key performance factors made it possible to compare those of the top players in the market with those of our customer. Our recommendations were either to maintain last year’s pace, or to step it up to keep up with the competition.

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