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Shining the spotlight on Deezer’s famous ‘Hits de l’été’ playlist with a branding campaign to engage all music lovers.

The goal

Deezer is the world-renowned music streaming service based in France, and played globally. It came to TikTok to drive brand awareness for its hugely popular ‘Hits de l’été’ playlist and engage with a community of passionate music lovers.

The solution

In partnership with Artefact agency, Deezer launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge to bring the noise, lighting feeds everywhere with music-driven engagement. It created the #DeezerPlaylistChallenge in which it asked the community to use a Branded Effect to create their own playlist cover art, effectively a timed selfie. Very clever. Very personal. And, of course, very popular.

The Branded Hashtag Challenge format is hugely discoverable, bursting into feeds with energy and in numbers. It works by encouraging the community to take part in a challenge and then houses all user entries on a central ‘challenge page’ with an external link. A package of supporting ads comes with the format, and Deezer ran a TopView to supercharge its exposure.

The results

The campaign was a smash hit, driving over 291 million video views and over 1,200 quality UGC video creations, showing just how engaged the community was and how much it loved the Branded Effect. A brand lift study found the campaign drove over 6% ad recall too, meaning Deezer was memorable after the event too.

Sherina Khalidi, Head of Customer Acquisition and Engagement at Deezer France, said: “We worked hand in hand with TikTok teams to build a relevant and original challenge, and the campaign brought us an amazing visibility on this platform, helping us raise our awareness and improve our brand preference.”