Background & Objective

This global FMCG company (client) was established 265 years ago in The Netherlands and has grown to an international leading company in the beverages industry. Today, their portfolio is available in over 100 countries around the world. Artefact has been said client’s digital marketing agency for the past three years and supports with SEO, content, data & analytics and marketplaces.

Early 2020 it was finally confirmed that Amazon would open its digital doors in The Netherlands with its full catalog of categories in addition to the online bookstore. Being active in all other Amazon markets, our client naturally wanted to be ready for the launch in its homeland, with strong content for its 5 main brands.

Project Scope

To ensure the different brands would be represented by optimised content and ready for the Amazon NL launch, we helped with:

  • Keyword research: we performed keyword research to identify important keywords for client’s products to be embedded in the content – both front-end and meta data.
  • Competitor analysis: dealing with a new competitor landscape, we performed a competitor analysis based on other Amazon markets and client’s current retailer context to find best practices and differentiation opportunities.
  • Creating A+ content: as part of the content preparation, we designed, created and uploaded A+ content for over 70 product pages – including writing and editing content for maximised customer experience.
  • Data-driven content audit: we performed a data-driven content audit for over 160 product detail pages (PDPs) to deliver a score and improvement points per product. This audit was largely automated and based on real-time data retrieved and analysed with Artefact tools, such as the Retail Suite.
  • Optimising PDP content: based on the audit, we optimised the title, bullet points and images of over 160 PDPs to improve attractivity, brand consistency and search effectivity for each page.

Project Highlights

With activities from start to end of the content creation cycle, we activated creativity at all stages:

Working with a non-live website
As Amazon NL had not launched yet during the first phase of the project, we were working with templates, best practices and our experience with other Amazon markets to work as closely to the anticipated Dutch setup as possible.

No Brand Analytics available
Working during the roll-out meant some Amazon features were not available (yet). Without the Amazon Search Terms report, we therefore performed keywords research by leveraging Google Keywords and other suitable platforms to provide essential input for content optimisation.

Content creation from design to optimization
Being part of the from-scratch creation of the A+ content, we were involved in everything from image adjustments to writing actual content pieces for both the A+ content as well as the PDP titles and bullet points.

Performance monitoring based on our own tools
For the content audit we leveraged Artefact-built tools to establish the attractivity of the content by calculating a score based on several criteria, as well as the searchability in terms of digital shelf space of the product.


All A+ content for more than 70 pages was ready before the launch of Amazon NL. After a period of data collection on the live environment, over 160 product detail pages were audited with a data-driven approach and optimised accordingly for a fast implementation cycle.

Both the A+ content and PDP content was optimised based on best practices, SEO insights and industry research, complemented by our existing experience.

  • Increase of overall content score by 14% and
  • Searchability improvement of 3%
  • Extremely positive response from client, internal stakeholders, Amazon and even the industry and other vendors on Amazon NL