Measure the true roi of your marketing campaigns with artefact MROI.

Understand the true incrementality of your marketing activity to gain a competitive advantage and maximise returns

70% of CMOs and marketing leaders still don’t know how to measure the true return on investment of their digital marketing campaigns. (Source: Deloitte CMO survey, Feb 2020)

In a world where precision matters, this lack of clear understanding makes it virtually impossible to reallocate digital media budgets effectively to achieve key business goals. The trouble is, all existing marketing measurement solutions are flawed.

Journey-based models — like algorithmic attribution (Google DDA, Facebook Attribution, Nielsen) — are great at re-attributing credit to individual touchpoints but often don’t provide the full picture, and many can’t factor in external impacts, such as price changes and competitor data.

Trend-based models, on the other hand — like causal impact and Media Mix Modelling — are helpful at understanding long-term sales impact, but as they use historical trend data rather than real-time demand signals, they don’t let marketers take advantage of opportunities in real-time.

That’s why, at Artefact, we’ve devised a new way of measuring marketing ROI, and the benefits are multiple.

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The Artefact approach

Our revolutionary Marketing ROI (MROI) measurement model addresses these historical challenges.

Artefact’s Marketing ROI tool lets marketers:

  • Develop a single source of truth — by collecting data from all marketing and non-marketing touchpoints in one place.
  • Measure multi-factor sales uplift from all key sales drivers and business scenarios.
  • Adjust output results for any business model and all levels of granularity.
  • Understand causality factors — like how channels and campaigns impact on each other and affect key business goals or sales/revenue.
  • Scale across campaigns, brands and countries in similar AdTech ecosystems.
  • Predict future outcomes based on budget adjustments.
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Developing a single source of data for marketing truth

Using the latest developments in Machine Learning technologies (CausalNex), our marketing measurement tool goes further than all existing solutions.

Artefact MROI provides a single source of truth which accurately measures the incrementality of all marketing activities and other factors impacting business goals, for the first time.

It works by connecting multiple online and offline data sources into a Bayesian network — a graphical model that determines the causality of factors influencing an outcome, the interrelationships between them and the probable changes to that outcome if those factors change.

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Understand causality factors with sales and revenue

In simple terms, it lets us collect data from multiple media and non-media touchpoints in one place, accurately measure the incrementality of each factor impacting business goals, and forecast what will happen when that mix changes.

By centralising these various data sources in one platform, we are able to correlate sales to specific marketing touchpoints (like campaigns, impressions and clicks), brand levers (like prices and promotions) and brand-specific demand signals in near real-time.