Data Strategy guiding you along your data transformation journey.

Wij helpen onze klanten de toekomstige stand van zaken te bepalen

We make your data transformation a success through three assets:
– a clear strategic vision,
– an understanding of the required enablers,
– a renewed data-first mindset.

We define and implement this data strategy with a proven consulting methodology to improve performance and give you the keys to maximise each project’s ROI:
– Identifying and interpreting all available data sources,
– ideating and launching AI use cases thanks to smart operating models,
– implementing said infrastructure and governance enablers on a company-wide scale.

Hoewel er is begonnen met alle facetten voor het leggen van de basis in aanloop naar hun transformatie, verhinderen verschillende uitdagingen dat data op schaal worden overgenomen

Companies face a lack of business consistency with use cases scarcely fitting with long-term company ambitions, and few POCs coming to production due to a lack of anticipation of prerequisites, generating frustration.

Organizations experience a real challenge in recruiting and retaining scarce profiles, and misunderstandings often appears with business front-liners due to a lack of decoders.

Poor quality data result in long time-to-market and low accuracy. Unaware of these benefits, business front-liners show limited commitment to data governance, only perceived as a painful burden.

People misinterpret the idea “data is power”. By keeping their data in a proprietary ecosystem, organizations deprive themselves from the potential of external data sources to enrich their models. Further missed opportunities arise when people forget that they are a critical link in the data value chain.

Focused on shiny new techs, technical teams tend to forget business value, re-creating what are now turnkey solutions on the market, and can be reluctant to changing outdated ways of working in favor of agile methodologies.

Employees see AI as a threatening substitute, rather than a promising empowerment tool, and Innovations are often introduced as plug-and-play solutions with “magic inside”, leading to disinterest upon first failure.

The success of your transformation relies on three assets: a clear strategy, strong enablers and a renewed mindset

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