Van de Velde is a premium lingerie company founded in 1919, Belgium. The company holds several brands such as, Marie Jo, Prima Donna, and Andres Sarda, as well as their own retail store concepts such as, Lincherie and Rigby & Peller. Early 2022, they contacted Artefact to work together on the branding of Van de Velde as a premium lingerie brand and to increase their performance marketing activities.


为了分析Van De Velde的营销活动的表现,我们希望包括以下报告:

  • DV360

  • Campaign Manager 360

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook

  • Google Ads

  • Microsoft Ads

  • And more

在谷歌分析中创建一个最终报告。然而,我们很快就注意到所需的分析中的一个差距,因为它不能准确和可靠地进行投资回报分析,而这正是衡量Van de Velde整体营销健康状况的关键指标。例如,广告支出的回报或每项行动的成本。


Our first idea to import Van De Velde’s digital marketing costs to Google Analytics was by building a custom solution to automate the process. The downside to this idea was that this approach required another dedicated team to:

  • Build the solution

  • Continually monitor APIs and custom connections

  • And adjust the solution upon updates from the APIs.

此外,它需要大量的前期投资以及经常性费用,而且需要几个月的时间才能使该解决方案准备好使用。在此期间,Van De Velde和Artefact 团队将不得不依赖不确定的业绩报告,这有可能导致低于标准的战略决策。

This is where Funnel’s solution came in. As Artefact is a Funnel Solution Partner, we proposed to Van De Velde to use Funnel’s marketing data hub instead of creating a custom solution. The marketing data hub connects all of Van De Velde’s performance marketing data sources and sends these key metrics to their Google Analytics. This solution requires less time, effort, and costs.



“We now have an attribution model in place so we can see return-on-investment on a channel level with costs and revenue in one place, but we want to take it forward and Funnel is a future proof solution that allows this”
Gabriela Nedelcia, Marketing Consultant at Van de Velde

Using Funnel’s marketing data hub has led to:

  • A 19% decrease of annual costs for data processing within the first year

  • A forecast of a further reduction of 49% in annual costs compared to using manual data processing

  • 40% time reduction

“We’re thrilled to see the impact of having Artefact as one of our Solution Partners. Their expertise together with Funnel’s Marketing Data Hub has shown impressive cost savings for Van de Velde. It is proof that a data driven strategy moves the needle for marketing performance.”
Marc Wortelboer, Partner Marketing Manager at Funnel

With the great success of this first integration, Artefact and Van De Velde are now looking to expand the collaboration with Funnel by building performance dashboards in PowerBI. These dashboards will be automatically updated and include budgets and targets.

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities for your company, please reach out to Daniel Ferreira at or fill out our contact form.