Causal Intelligence: The Key to boosting AI Performance in Business

7 January 2021 To see real returns on AI and Machine Learning investments, business leaders first need to understand the cause-and-effect relationships impacting performance. Siddharth Mohan, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact Netherlands & France, explains how Causal Intelligence can boost performance.

2022-05-15T11:10:47+01:007 January 2021|

Reducing product stock-outs in hypermarkets with Time Series modelling

25 November 2020 In this article, Artefact’s Senior Data Scientists Kasra Mansouri and Camille Le Gonidec explain how to create a data science product with limited data and high business constraints. Find out how they were able to reduce product stock outs in hypermarkets with Time Series modelling.

2022-05-15T11:11:17+01:0025 November 2020|

How to train a language model from scratch without any linguistic knowledge

25 November 2020 In this article, Amale El Hamri, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact France explains how to train a language model without having understanding the language yourself. The article includes tips on where to get training data from, how much data you need, how to preprocess your data and how to find an architecture and a set of hyperparameters that best suit your model.

2022-05-15T11:11:45+01:0025 November 2020|

How did we put our sales forecasting solution for croissants into production?

25 november 2020 At Artefact, we are so French that we have decided to apply Machine Learning to croissants. This first article out of two explains how we have decided to use Catboost to predict the sales of “viennoiseries”. The most important features driving sales were the last weekly sales, whether the product is in promotion or not and its price. We will present to you some nice feature engineering including cannibalisation and why you sometimes need to update your target variable.

2022-05-15T11:12:12+01:0025 November 2020|

How AI can help brands discover consumer microtrends

16 October 2020 Lockdowns have strengthened the influence of online prosumers – people who consume but also produce their own products. To stay ahead of these ‘microbrands’, marketers can use AI to predict the next craze, says Cyril Fekete, Consulting Partner at Artefact.

2022-05-15T11:13:11+01:0016 October 2020|

How facial recognition is transforming our lives

3 March 2020 From unlocking smartphones to accessing services online, facial recognition is already impacting our everyday lives. Philippe Rolet, Co-founder and CTO at Artefact outlines the best examples.

2022-05-15T11:14:04+01:004 March 2020|

The Future of Search with Artificial Intelligence

3 March 2020 Nowadays, search engines are no longer a simple index of websites: they are improving at understanding what users are looking for. That’s where AI is helping, says Naguib Toihiri, Head of SEO & Growth at Artefact MENA

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