This is the second article in our two-part series on AI data governance.

The first article, Navigating the data governance landscape: Decoding AI governance, discussed the importance of designing and deploying compliant AI solutions for enterprises and why business leaders need to be proactive if they are to position their organizations as leaders in responsible AI adoption.

Building on this, we’ve developed a robust framework to help organizations get started with proper data and AI governance. Our approach emphasizes that governance is one of six critical levers of a strong organizational data and AI strategy. It ensures that the governance solution is aligned with all other strategy components. At Artefact, we see AI as an integral part of data in general. AI governance is therefore an integral part of any organization’s data governance.

AI Governance playbook: A holistic approach to compliance

At Artefact, we work with our clients using a four-step approach to establish their AI governance work. The phases include:

  • 1. Diagnostic phase: In this phase, Artefact experts work with client teams to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s data and AI landscape, including strategy, use cases, technology, and organizational enablers.

  • 2. Design phase: In this phase, Artefact designs the implementation strategy for the AI governance tools (buy versus build strategies).

  • 3. Implementation phase: In this phase, Artefact experts work with client teams to either help with vendor selection if the strategy is to buy an off-the-shelf solution, or to develop a customized solution that is highly tailored to the client’s needs if the strategy is to build a solution internally.

  • 4. Operations phase: In this phase, Artefact experts work with client teams to define the target operating model, including roles, responsibilities and processes, design and deliver the tools and technologies required to enable the operating model, develop training materials, and drive change management for stakeholders.

This four-step approach provides a structured and comprehensive framework for implementing AI governance, tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. By combining expertise in AI, technology, and organizational enablers, Artefact helps clients effectively manage the risks and maximize the benefits of AI adoption.

Automating AI compliance: Guidance for a solution

To ensure continuous and full compliance of organizations with the regulatory, operational, and reputational requirements detailed in Article one of this series, organizations can implement or source a data and AI governance platform. Artefact’s engineers and experts can help clients implement these platforms or procure the most suitable off-the-shelf solution (e.g. OneTrust, Microsoft Purview, Collibra, etc.).

In principle, these solutions are fed general information such as relevant legislation, ethical requirements, and AI solution issues, as well as enterprise-specific input such as potential data and AI use cases, data, and the like.

The platform will take input and, using defined business rules, be able to identify risks and issues and suggest mitigation measures. Organizations will be able to quickly leverage the platform’s findings and recommendations to take precautionary actions before deploying AI solutions. The schematic below shows an illustrative example of how the solution works.

Laying the foundations: Artefact as your data and AI acceleration partner

Over the past 10 years, we’ve supported major players in multiple industries, from retail and brands to luxury and automotive, on their data and acceleration journeys. We continuously nurture our relationships with AI regulation compliance experts by combining expertise on regulatory topics, utilizing off-the-shelf SaaS solutions to conduct assessments, and leveraging Artefact AI expertise.

Our in-depth understanding and hands-on experience place us in a very favorable position when helping clients navigate the complexities of AI governance. Interested in discussing how this could work for your organization? Please reach out to Robbert Bregman to set up an introductory call.

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