• Wielding both “digital media” and “consulting” skills, you define and deliver media solution projects to Artefact's client.
  • Marketing is both a global and very localized industry, our working language is in English and the local language of the office.


The team

Within the Digital marketing division, our Digital Consultants are present in 8 Artefact offices, acting as the central point of our communication strategies projects on digital media for our clients. They are the masters of brand strategic planning, digital omnichannel orchestration, but also data-driven performance subjects.

Working with both traditional agency's and consulting firm's approaches, joining hands with our best-in-class data scientists and engineers, they provide our clients with the best-of-both-worlds services.



You will be Artefact's digital marketing division's representative to your client portfolio.

It will be up to you to define and deliver media solution projects to Artefact's client: media recommendations, reviews & benchmarks, campaigns performance assessments and analysis.

Being the contact point of our digital marketing team, you will orchestrate cross-channel operational teams and ensure the teams’ deliverables quality.


Desirable skills

With a communication or marketing background, you have real web expertise and know-how online/offline marketing agencies work.

  • You are comfortable with numbers. You master the Pack Office, and better yet, the Google Suite.
  • You are curious about new technologies and the world of Data.
  • You have a strong “consulting” sensitivity, able to make your clients adhere to your ideas, recommendations and campaign reports.


Why should you join us

  • Artefact is the place to be: come and build the future of data and marketing
  • Innovation: We have a passion for creating impacting projects, and believe innovation can come from anyone.
  • Action: We make things rather than telling people how to make them.
  • Collaboration: We believe in bringing talented people together, in winning together, and in learning from each other.

Come join us!


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