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Annual Global Conferences by Artefact

Adopt AI by Artefact

⏰ June 5 2024 - Europe/Paris


A unique full-day event at Station F - Paris that will bring together high-level AI ecosystem stakeholders, including business leaders of key corporations, CEOs of startups and scale-ups, technology partners in GenAI, eminent professors of universities and PhD students from our Artefact Research Center, to disseminate positive inspiration and actionable insights about data and AI.

AI for Finance by Artefact

⏰ September 17 2024 - Europe/Paris


A unique opportunity to gather the European AI ecosystem with the European Financial ecosystem: hundreds of corporates, startups, Fintechs, research labs and communities. With this B2B edition we aim to spotlight the Top 50 use cases of Artificial Intelligence in the financial industry.

AI for Financial Services by Artefact - US Edition

⏰ June 12 2024 - New York City


Under the High Patronage of the Consulate of France in New York City, the AI for Finance event will take place on June 12, hosted at the Consulate. This is a very special C-level tour of our AI for Finance worldwide Summit. We are expecting a total of around 300 C-level representatives from major local financial groups and from Fortune 500 companies, Founders and AI Leaders from the most promising AI & Gen AI startups and tech players to attend the afternoon conference and the VIP networking cocktail.

AI for Industry by Artefact

⏰ September 17 2024 - Europe/Paris


We aspire to bring together the AI and Industry ecosystem and boost new initiatives in companies and to see the emergence of new collaborations around artificial intelligence projects. This initiative is an opportunity to allow various actors of both ecosystems, Industry and artificial intelligence, to meet up and share their experiences to drive AI innovation forward.

AI for Life by Artefact

⏰ December 7 2023 - Europe/Geneva


AI for Life is a platform for exchange between Swiss and European changemakers with the mission to democratize the use of health data and AI, focusing on specific areas such as IoT and robotics for prevention, medical research, improved diagnostics and patient-centered approaches, population health, and global health.

AI for Health by Artefact

⏰ November 22 2023 - Europe/Paris


AI for Health is the European leading AI for Healthcare initiative. From the institutional frame to AI and Health tech practical applications: let’s link expertise to design our vision of tomorrow’s European healthcare.

AI for Luxury & Beauty by Artefact

⏰ October 5 2023 - USA


We aim to highlight the different applications and use cases of Artificial Intelligence in the luxury and creative industry, to stimulate new initiatives for the benefit of companies in the sector, to connect and foster collaborations between players in the luxury and creative industry, tech groups and AI startups.

AI for the Planet by Artefact

⏰ May 1 2023 - USA/NEW-YORK


Bringing together climate AI leaders and innovators to discuss how AI can help fight climate change and take action.

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