Nissan is a world leading vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan and Infiniti brands. Nissan sells over 5 million vehicles globally, generating revenues of 11.6 trillion yen and is the world’s leading manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EV).

Artefact has a long standing relationship with Nissan, working with the CEDAR (Customer Experience Data Analytics & Reporting) team for over four years to transform and visualise their customer data into a business intelligence platform

Building the BI Dashboard

Artefact builds, maintains and manages Nissan’s CEDAR custom BI Platform, CEDAR Home. CEDAR Home is recognised as the single source of truth for Nissan’s main KPIs on online customer behaviour and key performance drivers. These reports can be presented live in the platform or extracted in different formats for an array of teams and regions to use.

Nissan leverages the dashboard’s plethora of features to meet their business objectives. Artefact manages all aspects of the platform including: app development, UI design and product management.

Artefact collaborates closely with several stakeholders at Nissan to establish long-term goals for the platform that align with the overarching CEDAR strategy. This includes continuously exploring and suggesting new dashboard visualisations, integrating user feedback to improve platform experience and improving performance.

Artefact’s data engineers collect and ingest numerous data sources into the CEDAR data platform. The centralised data repository ensures data accuracy and consistency while allowing for exploration and insights delivery from multiple sources. Our data engineering maintains and develops the data platform while also supporting data analysts and data scientists to leverage the data platform assets effectively.

Features: Visualisation, Personalisation, Customisation

CEDAR Home provides a range of benefits to Nissan’s strategy and reporting through visualisation, personalisation and user customisation. This enables users to visualise large sets of data through a range of charts and provides a number of features, such as filters, toggles and legends, allowing users to slice and dice the data and access the granularity and breakdowns of their choice.

CEDAR Home also allows admins and users to add qualitative information to reports, create their own insights and collaborate with others through a chat function. Users can also raise questions or share feedback and receive support from the CEDAR team.

On the back end, CEDAR Home can efficiently integrate and transform new data sources into cloud storage, enabling Nissan’s data science teams to use its data to train their new models. This capability enables the integration of such models back into the platform, providing another layer of intelligence to visualisations. CEDAR Home also provides a custom endpoint allowing for a combination of different data sources into the same modules through custom-built infrastructure, where data can be sent in various formats for different visualisation use cases.

Benefits & The Future

Overall, CEDAR Home provides a comprehensive platform for visualising and analysing large sets of data, whilst also enabling personalisation and collaboration; making it a valuable tool for Nissan’s strategy and reporting. The data platform us now being called upon by other teams within Nissan, from sales to product teams.

Due to the success of the CEDAR project, there are plans to expand its scope to cater for the broader NCX (Nissan Customer Experience) team; either in the form of rolling out a possible AI factory or through data strategy transformation. This will allow Artefact to assist Nissan to improve customer experience at both a local and global level.