In a dynamic digital landscape where consumer demands are rapidly evolving, businesses are seeking innovative strategies to enhance their consumer engagement strategies.

28th-29th February 2024, Singapore – the Artefact Singapore data & AI consulting team, with our Tech Partner, Treasure Data, a leading solutions provider of Customer Data Platform (CDP), took part in the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) – Asia.
They shed light on the transformative power of AI and Gen AI in marketing practices, and illustrated some concrete CDP use cases for ultra-personalized consumer targeting to maximise ROI of marketing campaign investments.

As part of our keynote presentation “From CDP to GPT: Building Your Future Consumer Engagement Strategy Now”, we have addressed 3 essential topics for transformation: Data Foundation, Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI.

I – Build a Data foundation with the right connectivity, governance, and accessibility

Our conversations with other clients, panellists, and DMWF attendees highlighted how crucial this step is. Without solid data foundations, advanced use cases cannot be activated, and marketers’ efforts are spent on data cleaning and manual processes, rather than on exploration and innovation. CDPs are great tools for bringing customer data together.

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the customer journey, from information acquisition to maximizing ROI and fostering loyalty.

  • Adopt a holistic view of consumers, connecting every touchpoint to deliver personalized omni-channel experiences.

  • Leverage first-party data and implement strategic Tech stack integration to bolster efforts.

II – Implement Artificial Intelligence at scale

AI can augment the entire consumer journey, through techniques like classification, prediction, optimisation, and it applies for both B2C and B2B enterprises. Indeed, whilst B2C often does have more data sources and channels to play with, B2B also has a wealth of sales and servicing data, with often more data points available per customer.

In the keynote presentation, we have shared how AI can augment marketing operations in two ways:

1) Personalisation at scale:

  • Predict consumers propensity to buy to guide marketing investment decisions.

  • Customize content to augment personalization and drive conversion.

  • Infer best communication channel for conversion and operational decisions.

2) Enhanced marketing ROI:

  • In-house Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) to gain back the control on analytics while improving frequency and granularity.

  • Continuous Incrementality Experiments to ensure a structured test and learn approach for constant optimisation.

  • Automated Attribution to provide one source of truth for both internal and external marketers.

III – Integrate Gen AI into the marketing roadmap: Start small, start now

Gen AI marks a paradigm shift, introducing a new era of heightened intelligence and creativity in business applications. 80% of business leaders expect GenAI to bring significant organisational transformation within the next 3 years, and it was mentioned in just about every other presentation at DMWF. The businesses to come out on top then will be those who start preparing today.

Explore innovative use cases such as:

  • Segmentation: Creating virtual personas for consumer segments with enriched data sets, with which marketers can talk to, to ideate before launching campaigns.

  • Content: Scaling content personalization efficiently with Gen AI to remove laborious tasks and enhance insights generation.

  • Measurement: Leveraging Gen AI for advanced business intelligence insights to democratize access to BI by talking to your data directly.

Key Takeaways

To make the best of new technologies like CDP and GenAI, there are 3 key steps to take today:

  • Assess and accelerate your Data Foundation in terms of connectivity, governance and accessibility.

  • Implement AI at scale into your consumer engagement strategy, from personalization to measurement.

  • Incorporate Gen AI into your AI roadmap. It is all about being relevant and competitive. Start small, start now.

For more information about customer engagement, CDP, and GenAI, feel free to reach out to Kevin Cheung, Senior Data Consulting Director,

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