30th November 2023, China

Artefact hosted an exclusive seminar in our Shanghai office tailored specifically for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to delve into the world of Generative AI (GenAI) corporation landing in strategies and solutions. With approximately 15 CIOs in attendance, the seminar proved to be an enlightening gathering of industry IT peers.

This CIO seminar is on the topic of “AI Unveiled: Strategies And Solutions”. Throughout the event, Artefact APAC’s Data & Consulting Partner, Jianxun CHEN, Data Science VP, Pengfei ZHANG and Data Software Engineering VP, Honglin WANG, as the speakers delivered insightful discussions surrounding Four Fundamental Inquiries, shared Artefact’s latest thinking on adopting GenAI in an enterprise.

I. The Why

Why does GenAI matter?


  • From a technological perspective, it is an exponential development of artificial intelligence, much faster than organic intelligence.

  • From a business perspective, it is a disruptive technology to strengthen organizations’ competitiveness from both internal operations efficiency and external business disruption.

II. The What

What are the concrete GenAI use cases?

At least 4 criteria can be considered to identify the potential use cases:

  • Standardised and routine work

  • Knowledge/data-heavy

  • Creative, and

  • Personalized client engagement

GenAI can be adopted in the entire value chain, by respectively empowering and optimising the process, products & services. From our latest experience, it can be applied in value-driven functions e.g. R&D, operations, customer, sales & marketing, and be applied in transversal functions e.g. Finance, HR & IT.

III. The How

How to tackle the potential challenges & concerns?

Artefact APAPC team have developed 9 convictions, in 3 aspects, from our latest experience. We believe these are important to support CIOs to think through to drive GenAI initiatives forward.

From Model aspect:

  • Choosing Model in China: To choose a model, compare the output from different models with real cases, not only refer to the benchmarks.

  • Use Case Performance: RAG is more efficient than fine-tuning in most low-hanging fruit use cases.

  • Cose Model: The cost model needs to be well considered – commercial API & MaaS will become mainstream cost mode.

From Tech aspect:

  • Data & Tech Architecture: GenAI Middle Layer will be the key asset for brands and will be critical for scalability, reusability, and flexibility.

  • Make or Buy: Artefact suggests buying foundation models but making middle layer and use cases.

  • Data Tech Prerequisite: Integrating data and tech foundation will be important to maximize GenAI use case values. Garbage in garbage out.

From Policy and Human aspect:

  • Security & Compliance: Be careful prompts sending data outisde, start with internal use cases first.

  • Ownership of Copyrights: From LLM providers and the recent & 1st China case judged. The current trend is in favor of AIGC in terms of copyright.

  • Chnage Management: To accelerate the adoption, we suggest starting with topline-driven use cases first, and upskilling & training are required.

IV. How to start

The live survey results we collected from the CIO seminar show:

  • 36% of organizations have started POC, and 50% are still developing convictions or identifying use cases.

  • The use cases being explored are primarly (in sequence) in a) sales & commerce, b) marketing & digital, c) supply chain, d) HR & IT…

  • The key challenges/concerns (in sequence) from CIOs are i) security & compliance, ii) data & tech prerequisites and cost, iii) model availability & people impact and change, iv) performance and copyrights.

“GenAI has been developing exponentially in the past years, especially in individual adoption. With the fast development of capability & know-how in model & tech & policy and human aspects, supported by our latest hands-on experience, we believe GenAI adoption in enterprises will be catching up very soon. CIOs are in a great position to drive GenAI adoption, in their organisations, to strengthen organisations competitiveness from both internal operations efficiency and external business disruption perspectives.”
Jianxun CHEN, Data & Consulting Partner, Artefact APAC

The seminar immersed all of the participants in an atmosphere of knowledge sharing and thoughtful consideration, leaving them equipped with a heightened understanding of the transformative potential of GenAI. This gathering not only revealed the power of AI but also demonstrated the Artefact team’s active exploration of the application of emerging technologies, delivering a signal that Artefacte can help our clients’ corporations to responsibly adopt GenAI to deepen digital transformation and achieve sustainable growth.

As a consulting firm specializing in data and AI transformation, Artefact APAC owns data science and software engineering teams. We are dedicated to helping multinationals embrace the responsible use of AI technologies to enhance business efficiency and profitability. By leveraging our in-depth understanding of our clients’ business needs and applying innovative solutions driven by AI and data, we help them achieve sustainable business growth and development.

For more information or GenAI for Your Business Acceleration, welcome to reach out to us via artefact.com/contact-us.

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