Artefact’s MROI Offer

Unlock ROI Growth and optimise your 
marketing & media strategy effectiveness with MROI.

Understand and optimise the true incrementality of your marketing & media activities to gain a competitive advantage and maximise ROI

According to Deloitte’s CMO survey, 70% of marketing leaders struggle to accurately measure the ROI of their digital campaigns, making it challenging to effectively allocate budgets and achieve business goals.

Examples of some of these challenges:


1.Strategic Decisions

  • Determine optimal marketing mix, including budget allocation across geographies, brands, and channels.

  • Deploy Full Funnel media optimization & synergies between performance & branding channels

  • Evaluate the impact of non-media factors such as product launches, pricing, promotions, and distribution.

  • Optimise digital channels and e-commerce strategies to capitalise on emerging trends and opportunities


2. Operational Decisions Optimization

  • Optimise your campaign budgets dynamically

  • Identify ideal campaign settings and activation tactics

  • Determine optimal campaign inputs such as audiences, creatives and ad copy

Unfortunately, current marketing measurement solutions are imperfect, leaving marketers in need of a more precise approach.


Gain a deeper understanding of the true impact of your marketing & media efforts to and optimise returns with our solutions.

At Artefact, we’ve developed a transformative approach to measuring Marketing ROI(MROI) that offers multiple benefits to your marketing teams.


Full Funnel Measurement 
& Optimization

Scalable solutions for full-funnel measurement (Long term & Short term) through data automation, AI-driven modelling factories, and user-friendly self-service interfaces.



Build your data and analytics capabilities in-house to eliminate black boxes and reduce dependence on third parties.


Data Driven
Operating Model

Adapt a new operating model fueled by data insights, directly influencing business & marketing decisions from strategy to operations.

We are official partner on marketing measurement.


We employ a marketing triangulation framework as part of our approach to enhance decision-making agility and effectiveness


Marketing Mix Modelling

Measure the impact of various marketing tactics on sales, brands equity or other performance metrics, and to optimise marketing spend allocation for maximum ROI. We utilise data from online and/or offline channels.

  • Custom Bayesian Hierarchical models

  • Causal models

  • Open source models (Robyn/Meridian/Lightweight)


Incrementality Experiments
(Test & Learn)

Measure incrementality & uplift from campaigns to validate strategies and recommendations and redefine results close to ground reality.

  • Geo-based experiment

  • User-based experiment

  • Bayesian Causal Inference or Synthetic control

  • Causal Impact


Data-Driven Attribution

Track and assign credits to different touchpoints in a customer’s journey, helping businesses understand which channels/campaigns contribute most to conversions.

  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

  • Custom attribution models