Artefact’s Customer Data Platforms’ partnerships



Going the extra mile for our customers

We have partnered up with a few of the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions to create a seamless process for our clients. Our partnerships prioritise client satisfaction by demonstrating flexibility, actively seeking feedback, maintaining regular communication, and fostering long-lasting relationships.

Artefact seamlessly combines AI, data consulting, and digital marketing expertise, eliminating silos, encouraging innovation, and producing exceptional results. Driven by the core values of innovation, action, and collaboration, we strive to create new ideas, embrace problem-solving, and act quickly and efficiently. We value scalability, foster a collaborative environment, continuously learn from each other, and promote open communication.

Learn more about the value of CDPs and our collaboration with CDP partners on this page.


  • Improve data governance: Implement data governance policies and procedures to ensure accurate customer data, secure, and compliant with regulations.
  • Reduce data costs: Reduce your data storage and processing costs by optimising your data infrastructure.
  • Increase data agility: Become more data-driven by making your data more accessible and actionable.


  • Matching business with CDP: by conducting in-depth stakeholder interviews we can properly map the business needs and understand how the capabilities of our CDP partners align with these.
  • Use case prioritisation: as a result of marrying business with tech and data, we can map relevant use cases and run these against prioritisation criteria for both technical and business value.


  • Driving platform adoption: by designing and implementing a CDP operating model we ensure that end users understand the utility of the platform.
  • Providing training and sharing best practices: by organising and hosting on-topic training sessions we ensure that cross-functional teams understand platform capabilities and are able to launch use cases self sufficiently.




Artefact’s trusted CDP partners

We have partnered up with the most important CDP solutions, such as BlueConic, Hightouch, Segment, Treasure Data, and Tealium, which enables our customers to benefit from our international presence across EMEA, Americas and APAC.

  • We have 20+ digital and data specialists certified internationally.
  • We have extensive industry experience across CPG, Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Automotive, Luxury and Fashion.
  • We have an extensive track record across 15+ multinational customers in defining and deploying successful data marketing transformation programs.
Unified customer data
Improved customer insights

Unified customer data

Our data ingestion and transformation capabilities can help you unify your customer data from disparate sources, creating a single, comprehensive view of each customer. This unified data can then be used to create more personalised and relevant customer experiences.

Real-time customer activation

Our real-time data orchestration capabilities can help you activate your customer data in real time. This means that you can respond to customer interactions immediately, providing a more personalised and engaging experience.

Improved customer insights

Our data analysis and machine learning capabilities can help you gain deeper insights into your customer data. These insights can be used to identify new customer segments, target marketing campaigns more effectively, and improve customer satisfaction.

Increased revenue and ROI

By working together with our CDP partners, we can help you increase your revenue and ROI by improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer spend, and reducing churn. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about what we can do for your business.