MAIF is a leading French mutual insurance company, active for more than 80 years. It has no share capital nor shareholders and works solely for its three million customers, to whom quality protection and perennial services are guaranteed. Created around the needs of education professionals, it is today open to all.

A – A major data transformation project for MAIF

This segmentation marketing project, part of the Artefact-MAIF collaboration, is a phase of the mutual insurance company’s transformation as outlined within its new development strategy. MAIF wanted to evolve its development strategy to adapt to the current market reality as well as to the evolution of its portfolio

B – Better understand clients to put them at the heart of the development strategy

The project’s first objective was to understand the reality of the current customer portfolio as well as to anticipate its future evolution so MAIF could continue to talk to its clients according to their needs, keeping them at the heart of their development strategy

C – Segmentation based on data and observation of MAIF client behaviour

MAIF’s first goal in building the segmentation was to make use of its rich existing internal data pool. This foundation would then be used to create a segmentation based on the real, established behaviours of its clients, not on ad-hoc marketing studies that can’t always capture the reality of the portfolio.

D – Two-level segmentation to respond to strategic and operational challenges

The results of the segmentation were laid out on two levels:

– A first level comprised of 5 robust and perennial client groups (Value Customers, Opportunists…) to answer the strategic challenges of MAIF’s development plan

– A second level of 10 sub-groups which can be adjusted according to portfolio evolution and operational needs

We needed an expert partner, good at clustering [data grouping or partitioning] to build the segmentation, and in marketing strategy to align this data project with our strategic context and its activation, and in the insurance sector to understand the transformation challenges in a market which is forever evolving. Artefact seemed like the ideal partner to fulfill these three roles.”

Nathalie MACON – Marketing manager, MAIF