Since 2007 Artefact is the supervising affiliate agency of the Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH. Our focus is on online advertising of mobile telecommunications, broadband and television tariffs for private and business customers.

Our challenge is to grow the affiliate program – and thus maximise new customer sales – although the Telekom affiliate program has a saturated partner portfolio and there is only little room for the acquisition of new relevant publishers to the target groups.


In order to expand a saturated partner program and increase sales, it is necessary that Artefact does a very precise scouting of new publishers to identify and promote promising niches. For this purpose, we look deeply into new product launches to find the best possible partners for the program.

In addition to gathering a great reach for Telekom Deutschland, we work very closely with modern technology partners from the display advertising sector and implemented a cross-tracking solution to increase sales and the rate of new customers. Another key to success to reach our goals is the adaption to Telekom Deutschland agile way of working. Over the course of time we implemented agile workflows into our successful affiliate cooperation. Of course, this applies not only for our client work, but also for our whole cooperation with each stakeholder.

Impact & belangrijkste resultaten

Despite the long and successful cooperation, Artefact managed to generate new maxims for Deutsche Telekom in the last years.
Thanks to our data-driven partnerships with different platforms and publishers, we were able to serve up to 4 billion ad impressions and nearly 6 million klicks in 2020. Next to this, the Telekom affiliate program is one of the biggest and most successful partner programs in Germany. We are proud of our long term client relationship and the trustful and loyal collaboration with our valued partners. Through our unique partner portfolio which led for example to an increased visibility through display advertising we could generate a year on year growth of sales.