Fisher-Price, on top of the game

Artefact worked with services provider, pioneer of conversational intelligence, to create a rich media display experience for our client Fisher-Price (Mattel).

The campaign was selected as a Finalist for digital marketing competition La Nuit Des Rois 2022, in the digital advertising category.

Audio, an untapped media

Audio as an advertising method has been growing in recent years thanks to the development of podcasts, vocal assistants, voicebots, and audio messaging.
It is becoming a new trend in display media that answers new user behaviours across the full spectrum of ages.

Create conversations with the user specialise in creating multi-channel conversational experiences. The company has developed the TALK-IN® audio innovation.
It is the first voice and creative service platform connecting brands and clients through voice enabled advertising as content interaction.
The technology has shown early promises of engaging and converting audiences at unprecedented levels through voice-based advertising.
Conversational marketing is a great new way of engaging in real-time conversations with buyers and customers.

“Conversational marketing is the best way to engage buyers and customers through real-time conversations”
Antoine Crehalet – CEO,

An operation that fits the brand’s DNA

To support Fisher-Price’s ongoing digital marketing strategy of delighting consumers and using innovative types of content, Artefact teamed up with on an ad campaign that used interactive rich media.
The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness around the brand towards prospective buyers.
The programmatic media buy was targeted to large audiences based on relevant signals, such as browser behaviour, to reach web users that have shown signs of being parents.

The creative relied on sound and interactivity to engage web users.
The message of the ad used some humour to convey the facetious tone of the brand and let children (and parents) know how they can enjoy the range of Fisher-Price products.
The format illustrated the products benefits of the brand for children and parents and reinforced the brand positioning towards a young target.
The interactive part of the ad happened through a short quiz that allowed visitors to engage in a dialogue.
The conversation was meant to qualify the customer and direct her to the relevant Fisher-Price products.

“Audio is the new sales communications channel. it transforms the relationship between brand and consumers”.
Elisabeth Moet – Head of Marketing & Digital, Mattel

A successful approach in the long term

With this campaign, Fisher-Price enjoyed top funnel success.
The visitors that were exposed to the ad had a strong interaction with the creative.
The interactivity of the format helped the brand reach a high click through rate level, compared to regular ones.
Incidentally, the campaign was not just a one-off but was a year-long effort. The operation played on different moments of the year through the use of humour with conversational formats.
The target audience was exposed to different types of messages with a consistent brand voice during the whole period of the campaign. This strategy helped users show familiarity with the campaign assets and improved engagement.

An activation that brought high engagement and while being compliant

The conversational display format provides a hybrid experience that utilises the strengths of sales assistants and personalised user interactions along with the reach that only digital can bring.
Without using any personal information or capturing any type of data, the format allows for an interactive experience within the boundaries of user privacy without leaving the media ecosystem.
The format also doesn’t interrupt the browsing experience as it is only activated after the user gives permission to the ad unit to enable audio and starts the dialogue.

“It is a new form of interaction with audiences, a real time customised dialogue that reinforces user engagement without leaving the website environment”
Vincent Laquerrière – Account Director, Artefact

A successful approach for a client ready to experiment

The interactive campaign using audio and dialogue managed to receive a better engagement than creatives with just visuals and text.
It shows that adding a conversational component to banner ads can be highly beneficial, especially when working with a full-service partner that takes care of the creation and production of assets in a timely manner and on a budget.
Conversational and vocal brand content is an interesting avenue to consider for brands that have a playful tone of voice.
Brands that want to innovate in their digital marketing and improve their ROI should take advantage of the voice revolution with bold solutions to stand out from the crowd.
Rich media through conversations and audio can be used for a variety of actions depending on the objective of the brand: call back, drive to store, voice commerce, pushing content, user survey, pre-sales qualification …