Helping brands boost their online sales, relevanC Advertising and Artefact are providing brands, such as Mattel, with a framework for online retail success.

In this video, Maïana Darmendrail– Digital Marketing & e-Retail Manager at Mattel France,Thomas Faure – E-Retail Lead at Artefact, and Cedric Chamoux – Retail Media Director at relevanC Advertising, share their experience lifting the sales of Mattel’s brands on the Cdiscount ecommerce platform.

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Challenge: Increase presence and visibility for the brands of the Mattel Group on e-retailers media ecosystems by leveraging retail media

E-retail is a strategic distribution channel for the Mattel Group as 32% of transactions in the gaming category were conducted online during the 1st semester of 2020.

Retail media is used in an objective of performance enabled by leveraging shopper data. Retail media is especially helpful for the conversion part of the sales funnel.

Retail media lives in different types of environments such as:

in-platform, products that maximise the presence of products directly on the eCommerce website such as sponsored brands, sponsored products, merchandising banners

off-platform, solutions that generate additional traffic redirected to the product pages on the eCommerce website such as search engine ads, social ads, display & video ads

Solution: High touch handling of Mattel’s retail media investments in partnership with relevanC Advertising

In 2020, Cdiscount cemented its position as the number one French e-retailer, generating 25 million unique visitors and 10 million customers (adding a million new buyers during the year).

Cdiscount’s vision of its retail media ecosystem covers the entire sales funnel and encompasses different steps (brand awareness, consideration, traffic, acquisition, and insights)

In February 2020, relevanC introduced a self-serve platform, relevanC Advertising Platform, built entirely in-house, that offers retail media solutions through search and display on Cdiscount.

“relevanC Advertising is a best-in-class tool to operate and manage retail media campaigns,”

says Maïana Darmendrail – Digital Manager & E-Retail Manager, Mattel France

“CDiscount possesses very mature retail media solutions in search, display and video,”

states Thomas Faure – E-Retail Lead, Artefact

Artefact’s made the decision to perform an all-year round online campaign aimed towards buyer intent. Artefact defined custom audiences out of precise shopper data items (purchase history, buyer intent, search history, browsing history, income level ..).

The key to increase performance of media investments was to conduct continuous optimizations on both retail and media KPIs.

“We have the intimate conviction that continuous optimization brings performance improvements,”

explains Cédric Chamoux – Directeur Retail Media, relevanC Advertising

  • Optimizations were made on several factors: channels (onsite, offsite, search, display), segments (audience, keywords), creatives, formats.
  • Optimizations were based on several metrics: media metrics, business metrics, retail metrics (stock level, promotions, organic positioning)
  • Optimizations happened on different solutions: search advertising, daily improvements on keyword selection, display advertising, bi-weekly improvements on impact measurement

In addition to leveraging the e-retailer ecosystem, Artefact kept looking for ways to innovate and test new solutions to build more expertise and scale projects.

In that way, Artefact conducted off-platform campaigns through Shopping for Partners solutions (Google for Retail) that were activated to support milestones, such as product launches.

Results: Ad campaigns six times more effective!

Mattel achieved extremely positive results through retail media activations in 2020:

600% increase on return on ad spend for media investments using retail media data (compared to traditional campaigns)

from 4 up to 10 euros earned when spending one euro on display and search ad campaigns

“relevanC Advertising has the most qualitative data that you can find on the market. The daily optimization by Artefact really moved the needle,”

mentions Maiana Darmendrail – Digital Manager & E-Retail Manager, Mattel France

Brands are able to find success when mixing business metrics with media expertise, i.e. sync retail signals (stock level, promotion level) with media KPIs to better optimize advertising campaigns.