Better qualified leads and increased reach for GRDF after using  elusive Broad Audience tool with Dynamic Ads for Products

Artefact’s digital media team used its intricate knowledge of Facebook ad products along with its extensive expertise to find a brilliant way to overcome hurdles and significantly improve GRDF’s online marketing performance The campaign won the Grand Prix at the Digital Innovation Advertising CAS D’OR 2022 awards competition.

GRDF on a customer acquisition path

GRDF is a major actor of the French energy industry and a gas provider for more than 11 million of clients around the country. The industry is facing significant challenges at the moment.

However, the company has set up an effective digital marketing operation to acquire users across a wide range of media tactics (affiliation, SEA, SEO, social media, website, content for B2C and B2B markets).

A limited target that is hard to reach

GRDF’s target audience is people looking into purchasing a new home as it is the perfect moment to acquire a gas heater or other hybrid solutions offered by the energy supplier.

Unfortunately, energy providers are currently unable to access Facebook’s Broad Audience product. Using this tool could help GRDF access its coveted audience and push its solutions to potential customers.

GRDF’s main objective is to generate leads and acquire web traffic for future conversion.

A relevant solution for the brand and its objectives

With broad audience targeting, marketers can reach people who’ve expressed interest in their products (or products similar to theirs). Members of the audience will then be automatically exposed to products from the catalog that are likely relevant to them.

Advertisers will have to provide a catalog to use dynamic ads for lead generation.

The tool was built for brands from the automotive, real estate and travel industries that are able to use dynamic ads to highlight vehicle inventory, local real estate listings or potential travel destinations.

Changing the rules of the game

The project happened in three steps:

  • Artefact created a real flow of “GRDF” houses for sale to trick Facebook’s ad network into thinking that GRDF was a real estate advertiser for the brand to be able to take advantage of the efficient tool
  • Artefact placed a pixel on GRDF website

  • Artefact deployed the program on the national scale after an initial local test

Artefact relied on its data experts team to build a flow of too-good-to-be-true houses that could compete for better positions on Facebook’s ad ecosystem and reach the target audience.

There was no difference for the visitors that got to be exposed to relevant ads that fitted into their customer journey and their home-buying process.

“Facebook’s account team praised us themselves on the way that we had used their advertising platform”

Natacha Kocupyr – VP Digital Marketing, Artefact

Successful effort that turned out to be sustainable

The campaign helped generate 108% additional leads for GRDF after only a month of implementation. 70% of new GRDF users were coming from digital channels.

Social media activations grew to become the second acquisition channel for GDRF, just after search, but ahead of organic visits and display.

Volumes increased by 200% as more visitors were exposed to the social ads of the brand and followed them on GRDF’s website.

“This activation, which managed to position the brand within key milestones on Meta, is a disruptive way of hacking algorithms”

Anne-Claire Boscher – Head of Digital Marketing, GRDF

A successful approach for a trusting client

The ingenuity of the campaign demonstrates Artefact’s innovation and digital expertise. The team doesn’t only rely on cookie-cutter solutions but is able to challenge GAFAM or tech platforms recommandations to make the most of them for the benefits of its clients.

The GRDF activation is a perfect example of finding solutions even when there seems to be no available path. In a “test and learn” approach, Artefact created an initial operation that overperformed and decided GRDF to give the green light for a wider implementation.

The added value of working with digital media experts is to be able to experiment, optimize, and innovate to improve ROI, as well as knowing the intricacies of the main online ad ecosystems.