Powering your call centre with artificial intelligence

3 June 2021 Learn how to improve customer satisfaction and create added-value using Google Contact Center AI. Read about the key outcomes of the webinar on March 30th presented by Matthieu Myszak - Data Consulting Director, Artefact and Julien Tribout - Sales Lead Google Contact Center AI.

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Data Analysts: Feeding creatives with contextual Data

23 February 2021 Where data was once used only to measure performance, revenue goals and conversion rates, today, companies with solid historical data can also use it as input for content creation. Daniel de Vos, Manager Data & Analytics at Artefact Netherlands explains how.

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Sales forecasting in retail: what we learned from the M5 competition

5 February 2021 In this article, Data Scientist Maxime Lutel sums up his learnings from the M5 sales forecasting competition, which consisted in predicting future sales in several Walmart stores. He will walk you through our solution and discuss what machine learning model worked the best for this task.

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How can data enhance search strategies and boost ROI?

25 January 2021 By definition, search is one of the major levers of digital marketing. In this article, Vincent Laquerriere, Account Executive at Artefact, explains how to optimise your Google positioning strategy to stay ahead of your competitors, and how to maximise your use of Google campaign management tools by integrating data that’s important to your company.

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Kausale Intelligenz: Der Schlüssel zur Steigerung der KI-Leistung in Unternehmen

7. Januar 2021 Damit sich Investitionen in künstliche Intelligenz und maschinelles Lernen wirklich auszahlen, müssen Führungskräfte zunächst die Ursache-Wirkungs-Beziehungen verstehen, die sich auf die Leistung auswirken. Siddharth Mohan, Senior Data Scientist bei Artefact Niederlande & Frankreich, erklärt, wie Causal Intelligence die Leistung steigern kann.

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Wie man ein Sprachmodell von Grund auf ohne linguistisches Wissen trainiert

25 November 2020 In this article, Amale El Hamri, Senior Data Scientist at Artefact France explains how to train a language model without having understanding the language yourself. The article includes tips on where to get training data from, how much data you need, how to preprocess your data and how to find an architecture and a set of hyperparameters that best suit your model.

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How did we put our sales forecasting solution for croissants into production?

25 november 2020 At Artefact, we are so French that we have decided to apply Machine Learning to croissants. This first article out of two explains how we have decided to use Catboost to predict the sales of “viennoiseries”. The most important features driving sales were the last weekly sales, whether the product is in promotion or not and its price. We will present to you some nice feature engineering including cannibalisation and why you sometimes need to update your target variable.

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